Friday, April 18, 2008

In the mail today...

I came home tonight and there was a big box at my door. It said it was from France, so I got all excited remembering that my mom said she sent me something. The box looked pretty beat up so I was hoping whatever was inside made it well.
I opened the box, to find another box inside which was wrapped in heavy paper and then duck taped all over. It took me about 5 minutes to get that off, and I finally get to the box which was also duck taped all over, making sure that any possible openings were safely shut. This box was definitely impossible to open by hand and needed the help of a knife or something sharp.
10 minutes later I open the mystery box and pull what is inside.
Oh !!!! a little box! wait a minute! I recognize that little box !
It was a little wooden box I had when I was little. And inside, I find earrings and necklaces that my mom made for me. And a ring that my brother got me.
In the big box I also find
- a dried French salami. (yummy...)
- 4 French style wash clothes (I will explain the difference another day about French and American wash cloth).
- 6 French pillow cases (Yes the French pillow cases have a different shape than the American ones, the French ones are large and square)
- 1 duvet cover (twin size)
- 1 mattress sheet (twin size)
- 10 0r 15 recipes (photocopies from cooking magazines... of the stuffs that are in fashion in the cooking world of France)
- and a cute note saying "dear Cecilou and Christou...... we hope you like it....... we love you and think of you....... mom and dad..... Marie-France and Noel".

Now let me tell you.
1- When my parents ship something, it will arrive in good shape and safe, because they are KING and QUEEN of packaging. They will pack it so safely that it will be a real challenge to open it.
2- When they say they are shipping a couple pillow cases, they mean : they went to the supermarket and bought everything they thought that could please us.
3- If you say on the phone (one day in a conversation), that you kinda miss French dried salami, they will make sure to go get you one and even more other things.
4- There will always be a sweet little note, whether it's on a tiny post-it or a big piece of paper and it will be signed "mom and dad" followed by their names (just in case I didn't remember who they really are.)

Now, is that the sweetest thing or what?

So I would like to thank you for all the gifts mom and dad, Marie-France and Noel (just in case).
And thank you Lionel (bro) for the ring, I really like it.

(Ah and just in case you are wondering, the twin size bed sheets aren't because I am moving out, but because when I start being a Firefighter in one month, I have to sleep at the fire station in a twin size bed (10 days a month).

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