Saturday, May 24, 2008

The past 10 years in six pictures

Comic book style, just for fun - Comme une BD

Les 10 dernieres annees en 6 photos

(click on the page to see it bigger - Cliquez sur la page pour agrandir)


Anonymous said...

coucou !!

Je suis très contente pour toi et tout ce qui t'arrives !!

Moi mon mariage approche a grand pas et le stress s'installe.

je te fais de gros bizoux


jay said...

I love the pink wig!!!

And the look on Chris's mom's face in your wedding picture is priceless.

I hope you had a great first week at the FD.

Take care,


Rosa Linda said...

Very cute!

madoka said...

Thanks Cecile showing that cute cartoons! I love the Nikita's one! She was a lost dog, as same as my formmer dog Don(passed away:-(

I would like to see you and Chiris via webcam.


nelly said...

bravo! tu as fait la fête au moins !!

Jessica said...

That was such a great idea and very fun!!!